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 “A physician without a knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician” – Hippocrates
The astrological and holistic sciences have been around for millenia (yes,  millenia!). Some experts  even say astrology is the earliest form of mathematics.
From the early Vedic texts to contemporary Medical Astrology, humans have combed the world looking for answers to their health and welfare in the “birth chart”, the original and unique snapshot of the skies at the time/date when you were born. Let’s call it your “genetic imprint” in its outward form.
In essence, astrology and contemporary genetics are one in the same. However, despite millions of people spending over $40 billion a year in astrology related products and services over the internet in 2019 (with much more in the last few years), there still remains a lack of awareness and acknowledgement of the power of astrology and depth of the birth chart, especially Medical Astrology. 
“Astrology is astronomy brought down to Earth and applied toward the affairs of men.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
As Rosicrucian Medical Astrology attests, many people in the world die before their time needlessly. All people are prone to disease, to one extent or another, and this is a fact of nature. But we all have the human right to know what diseases, physical and mental, we are predisposed to. Sadly, there is just not enough mainstream exposure to the vast benefits of the medical astrology sciences and access to qualified educators.
To improve the situation, Phelix Education Society, a non-profit organization, with the educational foundations of the Rosicrucian Astrology of Oceanside, California,  and highly qualified astrologers from all over the world (including United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany), is conducting online courses and constructing a retreat for Astrology and the Holistic Arts in general. There are millions  of astrology supporters, and we wish to engage with those interested in learning more in depth the teachings within this wonderfully rich and vast approach to life. 
The main goal is to provide a peaceful, natural learning environment for people from all over the world, from all walks of life, to come and study Medical Astrology, Body Therapy and Tactile Arts from renowned professionals and to serve an online community with at-home seminars and courses. These programs will cater to both individuals and groups with individual, in-depth birth chart analysis and astro-diagnosis being the foundation of study and heart-felt exchange. These online and offline retreats will cater exclusively to astrology students and the holistic arts in general. 
“Astro-diagnosis* is the science and art (insight) of obtaining scientific knowledge regarding disease and it’s causes as shown by the planets, as well as the means of over-coming it...depending entirely on outward symptoms and relying wholly on the action of medicine have cost millions of lives in the ages past.” – Max Heindel
As an amateur astrologer/researcher and international aikidoist of 25 years, I have seen many people benefit from the insights into human nature that Medical Astrology and Holistic Arts in general have to offer (including better diagnoses by MDs and amazing healing stories coming from better dietary choices when the unique signs/houses/aspects  of the individual is understood). Of course I think anyone who cares about their lives will take an interest in what the stars have dealt them genetically, and this project aims to provide that understanding.
Let’s make this much-needed project happen! 
We know that these special programs will benefit many people for many decades to come as it is a community effort. Please help us educate and heal by donating to our holistic arts project.
Thank-you so much for your support!​​​


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