‘Aliens’ Aligned: Revealing the Astrological Characters From Ellen Ripley  to Newt Meeting Through the Starlit Wisps of Destiny




In the complex world of the zodiac, the characters from the iconic "Aliens" franchise emerge as celestial beings aligning with the diverse astrological signs. From the fierce determination of Ellen Ripley resonating with Scorpio's intensity to the strategic leadership of Corporal Hicks mirroring the practicality of Capricorn, each character embodies a unique astrological essence. As we journey through the intricate web of astrology, let us unravel the cosmic influences that shape the heroic endeavors and villainous machinations within this thrilling interstellar saga.

Let’s look at the 7 main characters and some of their general astrological attributes:



Ellen Ripley


Scorpio: The Sign of the Warrior


Scorpios are recognized for their intensity, passion, and assertiveness. They possess determination and are always on the hunt for the truth. Being a Water sign, Scorpios are emotionally intelligent and have profound emotional depths. These qualities are vividly present in Ellen Ripley, especially in her tireless pursuit to survive against the tenacious Xenomorph threats.


Deep Emotional Reservoir


Ripley’s depth of emotion becomes evident in her interaction with her daughter, particularly in the director’s cut of "Aliens," and her bonding with the orphaned Newt, who she protects like her own child. Her maternal instincts and deep caring for Newt show the powerful emotional realm and fierce protectiveness typical of a Scorpio. Scorpios are known for their deep connections and loyalty to loved ones, traits that are boldly portrayed by Ripley as she often risks her life for others.


Determination and Resourcefulness


Scorpios excel in making the most out of limited resources. Ripley’s ability to navigate challenging environments, improvise weapons, and strategize against the aliens illustrates her quick thinking and adaptability—qualities that typify a Scorpio’s adeptness in crisis situations.


Bravery and Resilience


Scorpios are celebrated for their bravery. Ripley confronts her fears directly, mirroring the true courage of Scorpios who rarely back away from difficult scenarios. This sign is also known for its resilience, and Ripley’s continuous combat against the aliens, despite numerous traumatic experiences, emphasizes her brave spirit.


Secrecy and Mistrust


Scorpios often have a mysterious and secretive demeanor, seldom revealing their true thoughts and intentions. They are instinctively cautious of betrayal. Ripley’s interactions with individuals like Android Ash in "Alien" and Carter Burke in "Alians" demonstrate her guarded nature and inherent mistrust of those hiding their real motives. Her skepticism acts as a defense mechanism, echoing the Scorpio’s tendency to protect their inner selves as a means of survival.


Transformation and Metamorphosis


Associated with the phoenix, which symbolizes rebirth, Scorpio captures the essence of transformation. Ripley’s character undergoes a metaphorical rebirth numerous times across the series, each time overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds and emerging stronger. Her development from a warrant officer to a hardened survivor speaks volumes of Scorpio’s capacity to power through and transform under pressure.


Magnetic Leadership


Ripley’s leadership is about her strong influence on others who rely on her for survival guidance, rather than a desire for power. Scorpios lead by example, favoring a tactical and transformative style of leadership. Ripley demonstrates this in how she secures respect and leads the Marines in "Aliens," even amidst their initial doubts about her.


Ellen Ripley exemplifies the mighty traits of a Scorpio through her emotional depth, protective nature, courage, resourcefulness, and transformative abilities. Examining her character through the lens of astrology not only adds depth to her narrative but also illuminates the distinct and compelling features of the Scorpio sign. Ripley’s embodiment of Scorpio traits helps us appreciate the complexities and strengths of Scorpios and the profound impact they can have when they embrace their battle cry: to fight valiantly, survive against all odds, and turn trials into triumphs.



Corporal Dwayne Hicks


When exploring the astrological sign of Dwayne Hicks from the "Aliens" franchise, without specified birth dates as he is a fictional character, we can surmise his traits align with those often attributed to Capricorn. Known for their practicality, reliability, and leadership qualities, Capricorns are the strategic planners of the zodiac, characteristics that Corporal Hicks exhibits throughout his role in the film.


Capricorn: The Sign of Discipline and Leadership


Capricorns are renowned for their discipline, self-control, and responsible nature. They possess an inner state of independence that enables significant progress both in their personal and professional lives. This is evident in Hicks, who often takes a methodical approach to the chaos around him, exuding calm and collected leadership amidst the fearsome challenges faced by the crew.


Rooted in Reality


Hicks' pragmatic approach to dealing with the alien threat is a testament to the Capricorn’s grounded nature. He is not one to panic under pressure, instead focusing on what needs to be done to secure the safety of the team. This characteristic is paramount in survival situations where practical solutions and a steady hand are needed.


Strategic and Calculative Mind


Capricorns are natural strategists; they plan their moves carefully and with great forethought. Hicks demonstrates this through his tactical acumen. When faced with the alien threat, he swiftly takes command, organizing the group and devising a plan of action that highlights his ability to think critically and act decisively.


Dedication and Loyalty


One of Capricorn's most admirable traits is their loyalty and dedication. Hicks showcases a deep commitment to his squad and to Ripley, whom he trusts and supports through intense trials. His protective instincts mirror the Capricorn’s innate sense of duty and their inclination to safeguard those they are responsible for.


Leadership Through Action


Though not seeking leadership, when the moment necessitates, Hicks steps up. This echoes the Capricorn trait of leading not merely for the sake of power but because of a genuine capacity and strategy to affect positive outcomes. His leadership is characterized by not just issuing orders but also participating actively in the field, which gains him respect and allegiance from the team.


Resilience and Ambition


Capricorns are ambitious and have a tremendous capacity for endurance, making them capable of overcoming any odds if they put their mind to it. Hicks's resilience in the face of dangerous and seemingly insurmountable obstacles highlights his ambitious nature to achieve safety and combat the alien menace effectively.


Dwayne Hicks embodies the ethos of Capricorn through his disciplined, pragmatic, and leadership-driven approach. His actions in "Aliens" showcase the potential of Capricorns to lead in crisis through calculated strategy and indomitable spirit. In exploring his character through the traits associated with his likely astrological sign, we gain a deeper appreciation for Hicks’ role and the critical elements he brings to the dynamic of the overall narrative. His portrayal not only adds depth to the story but also highlights the strengths and commanding presence of Capricorns in leadership roles.



William Hudson


Exploring the astrological sign of William Hudson from the "Aliens" franchise involves a bit of creativity since his birth date is not disclosed in the films. Based on his personality and behavior, Hudson aligns well with the traits of a Gemini. Known for their dual nature, communicative skills, and sometimes nervous energy, Geminis are the communicators of the zodiac, which resonates strongly with Hudson’s character throughout his time in the movie.


Gemini: The Sign of Flexibility and Communication


Geminis are known for their quick-witted, sociable, and versatile characteristics. They are highly adaptive, able to shift gears and change directions at a moment’s notice. Hudson, often seen reacting swiftly (sometimes humorously) to changing circumstances, embodies this mutable quality of Geminis.


Expressive and Articulate


One of the most defining traits of Geminis is their expressive nature. Hudson uses humor and a fair amount of vocalization to handle stress and impending danger, which is characteristic of Geminis who often use their communication skills to navigate challenging emotions and situations.

Nervous Energy


Geminis often exhibit a mix of enthusiasm and anxiety, which can manifest as a kind of nervous energy. Hudson clearly displays this trait with his famous line, "Game over, man! Game over!" which encapsulates his panic and fear through the dire circumstances the crew faces. This energy can be viewed as the flip side of the Gemini's adaptability and social ease.


Intellectual Curiosity


Geminis are naturally curious, often displaying an interest in a variety of subjects and ideas. Hudson shows this analytical curiosity as he constantly questions the situations and evaluates survival tactics, albeit with a noticeable degree of worry and skepticism.


Connecting with Others


Despite his fears and complaints, Hudson connects with his team and often vocalizes the group sentiment, serving as an emotional barometer. This aligns with Gemini’s role as the social butterfly of the zodiac, often in tune with verbal and non-verbal cues, which helps them gauge and sometimes galvanize the feelings of others.


Adaptability in Crisis


While Hudson might not always seem like the strongest or most composed member of the team, his ability to adapt quickly to new information and situations is a hallmark of Gemini versatility. Even in his more overwhelmed moments, his reactions are a testament to the quick-thinking required in crisis situations.


William Hudson showcases several characteristics typical of a Gemini—expressiveness, adaptiveness, and communicative strength, marked by a distinctive dual nature of vibrancy and nervousness. Understanding his character through the lens of Gemini traits provides a deeper insight into his role within "Aliens" and highlights how these astrological attributes can enhance our understanding of character dynamics within a narrative. Hudson’s portrayal not only adds a layer of realism and relatability but also underscores the complex emotional landscape that Geminis navigate.


‘Aliens’ Aligned: Revealing the Astrological Characters From Ellen Ripley  to Meet Through the Starlit Wisps of Destiny


Lieutenant Scott Gormon


When contemplating the astrological sign of Lieutenant Scott Gorman from the "Aliens" franchise, we can deduce that his characteristics align closely with those commonly attributed to Virgo. Virgos are recognized for their methodical approach, attention to detail, and sometimes their critical nature—traits that are quite vivid in Gorman's portrayal throughout the movie.


Virgo: The Sign of Precision and Methodology


Virgos are often noted for their meticulous and systematic approach to life. They are highly analytical and strive for efficiency in all aspects of their existence. Gorman, arriving as the inexperienced officer in command, shows his analytical nature by trying to adhere to protocol and commands, although he often struggles with the unpredictable and chaotic nature of the hostile environment.


Attention to Detail


One of Virgo's most defining traits is a profound attention to detail. Gorman, although overwhelmed, attempts to manage and control the situation through a structured and organized approach. His military training and reliance on standard operating procedures highlight his desire to bring order to the situation, a typical Virgoan endeavor.


Struggles with Practical Application


Despite Virgos' adeptness at planning and organization, they can sometimes falter in chaotic environments that require quick adaptability and less conventional approaches. Gorman's difficulties in swiftly adapting to the rapidly deteriorating situation underscore this aspect, as he often appears to be in over his head, reflecting the challenges Virgos face when their well-laid plans are upended by unexpected realities.


High Standards and Self-Criticism


Virgos are known for setting high standards for themselves and others, and they can be quite self-critical when things don't go according to plan. Gorman's visible frustration and stress as he grapples with the failures during the initial alien encounter highlight the critical self-evaluation typical of Virgos, who often harshly judge themselves in times of failure.


Nervousness Under Pressure


Virgos can exhibit nervousness when faced with situations that spiral out of their control, particularly when their usual detailed planning proves insufficient. Gorman displays this nervousness, which can be tied back to a Virgo's desire for perfection and order, qualities that are severely tested in the chaotic and deadly encounters with the aliens.


Learning and Adapting Slowly


In time, however, Virgos' intrinsic ability to learn from their surroundings can lead to significant improvements in handling complex scenarios. Gorman's evolution, though subtle and often overshadowed by more dominant characters, hints at a Virgo's capacity to adapt and learn, albeit at a slower and more methodical pace.

Lieutenant Scott Gorman's character encapsulates the virtues and challenges of the Virgo sign. His struggle for control, attention to detail, and the difficulties he encounters in high-stress and unpredictable scenarios paint a vivid picture of Virgo characteristics in action. Understanding his behavior through the lens of astrology offers deeper insights into his role in "Aliens" and reflects the complex interplay between personality, leadership, and crisis management that defines human interactions in extreme situations. Gorman's portrayal not only enriches the narrative but also highlights the nuanced ways in which Virgo traits manifest under pressure.



Lieutenant Vasquez


When examining the astrological sign of Private Vasquez from the "Aliens" franchise, her traits greatly align with those of an Aries. Aries are known for their courage, directness, and sometimes aggressive demeanor, all traits that Vasquez displays prominently throughout the movie.


Aries: The Sign of the Warrior


Aries individuals are recognized for their bravery, enthusiasm, and a tendency to take initiative. They are natural leaders, often diving headfirst into even the most challenging situations. Vasquez, always ready to leap into action, reflects this bold and adventurous spirit typical of Aries.


Courage and Determination


One of Aries' defining traits is their fearless approach to life. Vasquez shows no hesitation when facing dangers that terrify others. Her readiness to confront the alien threat head-on demonstrates the hearty courage that Aries are celebrated for.


Competitive Spirit


Aries thrive on competition and are not afraid to assert themselves in challenging circumstances. Vasquez's competitive nature is evident in her interactions with her fellow Marines, always pushing herself to be at the front and handle the most dangerous tasks, a manifestation of the Aries drive to prove their mettle.


Independence and Self-Sufficiency


Aries are highly independent, often relying on their ability to handle situations alone. Vasquez showcases this independence throughout "Aliens," particularly in how she manages herself in the heat of battle. Her propensity for taking matters into her own hands without waiting for orders aligns closely with the Aries characteristic of self-sufficiency.


Impulsivity and Impatience


While their boldness is a strength, Aries can sometimes be impulsive, not fully considering the consequences of their actions. This trait surfaces in Vasquez's sometimes reckless bravery, where she plunges into combat situations which necessitate a more strategic approach. Additionally, Aries are known for their impatience, and Vasquez often exhibits frustration with any delay in action or decision-making.




Despite their fierce individualism, Aries are incredibly protective of their teammates and loved ones. Vasquez demonstrates a fierce loyalty and protectiveness, particularly evident in her final moments, reflecting Aries’ deep-seated drive to safeguard those they care about


Private Vasquez’s character as portrayed in "Aliens" aligns strongly with the characteristics of an Aries zodiac sign. Her bravery, directness in confrontational situations, competitive nature, and protective instincts all echo the qualities typically attributed to Aries. Understanding her character through the astrological lens of Aries provides a richer understanding of her role in the film and showcases the dynamic and forceful presence Aries can bring to high-stress environments. Through Vasquez, we see the embodiment of Aries’ spirit in action, transforming potential liabilities like impulsivity into the very traits needed for survival and protection in dire circumstances.



Carter Burke


When delving into the astrological sign of Carter Burke from the "Aliens" franchise, his character traits closely mirror those often associated with Gemini. Geminis are known for their adaptability, charm, communication skills, and duality in their personalities, all of which play a significant role in Burke's actions and decisions throughout the film.


Gemini: The Sign of Adaptability and Versatility


Geminis are characterized by their adaptability to diverse situations and their versatile nature. They are adept at maneuvering through changing circumstances and can wear different masks to suit their needs, a quality evident in Burke's manipulative and cunning behavior as he navigates the complex dynamics of the film.


Charm and Persuasion


One of the key attributes of Geminis is their charm and ability to persuade others. Burke exudes charisma and uses his persuasive skills to manipulate situations to his advantage, showcasing a Gemini’s capacity to sway opinions and manipulate circumstances through words and influence.


Dual Nature


Geminis are symbolized by the Twins, representing their dual nature and multifaceted personalities. Burke's character embodies this duality, displaying a facade of geniality and helpfulness while concealing ulterior motives and selfish intentions beneath the surface. This dual identity is classic Gemini behavior, reflecting the complexity and depth of their personalities.


Intellectual Curiosity


Geminis are naturally curious and often have a voracious appetite for information and knowledge. Burke's inquisitive nature, particularly in his pursuit of the Xenomorph specimens for the Weyland-Yutani corporation, reflects the Gemini trait of seeking intellectual stimulation and novelty in their endeavors.


Adaptability and Flexibility


Geminis excel in situations that require quick thinking, adaptability, and the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Burke swiftly adjusts his strategies and responses to changing circumstances in the film, demonstrating a Gemini’s ability to pivot and recalibrate in high-pressure scenarios with ease.


Deception and Manipulation


While Geminis are generally known for their honesty, their communication skills and ability to adapt can sometimes lead to strategic deception. Burke's hidden agenda and willingness to manipulate others for personal gain underscore the darker aspect of Gemini’s versatility, showing how their communicative prowess can be used for duplicitous purposes.


Carter Burke's character embodies many of the traits often associated with a Gemini zodiac sign. His charm, adaptability, manipulative tendencies, and dual nature reflect the multifaceted personalities that Geminis are known for. Viewing his actions and decisions through the lens of Gemini traits provides a deeper insight into his role in "Aliens" and sheds light on the intricacies of his character dynamics within the narrative. Burke's portrayal not only adds complexity and intrigue to the story but also highlights the nuanced ways in which Gemini qualities manifest in challenging and morally ambiguous situations.






When exploring the astrological sign of Newt from the "Aliens" franchise, her character traits resonate strongly with those typically associated with Cancer. Cancers are known for their nurturing instincts, emotional depth, sensitivity, and intuitive nature—all qualities that are prominently displayed in Newt's persona throughout the film.


Cancer: The Sign of Nurturing and Sensitivity


Cancer individuals are marked by their nurturing qualities, deep emotional connections, and a strong sense of intuition. Newt’s protective instincts towards those she cares about, her emotional resilience despite traumatic experiences, and her ability to navigate perilous situations with empathy and resourcefulness reflect the classic characteristics of a Cancer.


Protective and Maternal Instincts


One of Cancer's defining traits is their protective and maternal instincts. Despite her young age, Newt exhibits a strong desire to safeguard those she considers family, such as Ripley, showcasing a level of care and protection that aligns closely with Cancer's natural inclination to nurture and shield loved ones.


Emotional Depth and Resilience


Cancers are known for their deep emotional sensitivity and resilience in the face of adversity. Newt's ability to confront the horrors she has witnessed with courage and strength, all while maintaining a sense of vulnerability and innocence, exemplifies the emotional depth and resilience that are hallmark traits of Cancer individuals.


Intuitive and Perceptive


Cancers possess a strong intuition and are highly perceptive of the emotions and needs of those around them. Newt's keen intuition and ability to anticipate danger, as well as her attunement to the feelings of others, reflect the intuitive nature and emotional intelligence that are characteristic of Cancer personalities.


Home and Family Orientation


Cancer individuals are deeply rooted in their connections to home and family. Newt's attachment to the makeshift family unit formed with Ripley and the other survivors on LV-426 underscores Cancer's strong attachment to a sense of belonging, emotional security, and the comfort of a supportive community.


Empathy and Compassion


Compassion is a central tenet of Cancer individuals, who are known for their empathetic nature and ability to offer emotional support to those in need. Newt's empathy towards others, particularly in moments of distress and vulnerability, exemplifies the genuine care and compassion that are inherent qualities of the Cancer sign.


Newt’s character exemplifies the nurturing, protective, emotionally sensitive, and intuitive traits commonly associated with the Cancer zodiac sign. Her portrayal in "Aliens" not only adds depth and emotional resonance to the storyline but also showcases the strength, resilience, and compassion that Cancer individuals bring to relationships and challenging situations. Understanding Newt through the lens of Cancer traits provides a richer appreciation of her character development and the profound impact she has on the narrative as a beacon of love, empathy, and unwavering loyalty in the face of danger.


In conclusion, through the starlit lens of astrology, the characters of "Aliens" transcend mere fiction, embodying the archetypes and energies of the zodiac signs. From  the cerebral Ellen Ripley to the fiery courage of Vasquez echoing Aries' bold spirit to the cunning charm of Carter Burke reflecting Gemini's duality, these characters weave a celestial tale of cosmic proportions. Just as the constellations illuminate the night sky, the astrological traits of each character add depth and dimension to their roles, enriching the narrative tapestry of bravery, loyalty, resilience, and deceit that defines the eternal battle between humanity and the unknown. As we bid farewell to these astrologically inspired personas, may their celestial essence continue to shine brightly in the vast expanse of cinematic lore.

‘Aliens’ Aligned: Revealing the Astrological Characters From Ellen Ripley  to Meet Through the Starlit Wisps of Destiny