Astrology's Rise Online: An Infographic


Ancient Astrology Chart


In the age of social media, astrology has found a new home online - and it's big business. Since the COVID-19 pandemic drove people to seek spiritual guidance during uncertain times, the demand for astrology has skyrocketed. 


According to Google Trends, searches for "birth chart" and "astrology" hit five-year highs in 2020, with 3.4 million people globally searching for "horoscopes." Once relegated to the fringes of the "New Age," astrology is now a major cultural phenomenon, particularly among Millennials and Gen-Z.


Astrologers are capitalizing on this trend by leveraging social media platforms to share their insights. One popular tool is Linktree, a platform that allows creators to curate a customized landing page with links to their various online content and offerings.


"Linktree has been a game-changer for astrologers," says Emma, a professional astrologer. "It allows us to easily direct our followers to all of our services in one place - whether that's personal readings, podcast episodes, or digital products like birth chart guides."


Astrologer Jade agrees, noting that Linktree has helped her grow her business exponentially. "I used to have clients finding me through word of mouth or random Google searches. Now, I can share my Linktree link on Instagram and TikTok, and drive traffic straight to my offerings."


This shift towards digital astrology is only expected to continue. As the influence of the stars continues to permeate popular culture, astrologers are poised to capitalize on the craving for spiritual connection in the online realm.








Astrology online rise graphic